Been Putting off that Credit Union Website Project?
LaCorp has the solution....

CUWEB.ORG Credit Union Website Design and Hosting Services: A service of Louisiana Corporate Credit Union

Now your credit union can have a professionally designed website up and running on the internet in days - all without the hassle of having to locate and register a domain name and select and hire a website design company.

Here's how it works:

You fill out a short form providing us with the basic info you would like on your website. Our website designers at ICANTOO enterprises, the designers of the and site will create a professionally done, graphically appealing site and submit it for your approval. Your site will be hosted on LaCorp's CUWEB.ORG domain, sparing you the time and expense of registering a domain name. For example, ABC Credit Union's website address would be:

CUWEB.ORG hosted pages are designed to be a low cost, low maintenance solution to enable your credit union to establish a web presence quickly and affordably. These pages are informational - they provide members and potential members with basic info about your credit union, and contact info for potential members desiring to join. In order to keep costs low, these pages are not designed to process transactions or provide rate updates. However, they can provide links to other sites you may utilize, such as electronic bill pay or home banking. Periodic updates and site changes are available at your request.

CUWEB.ORG design and hosting fees are billed to your Louisiana Corporate fee invoice for ease of payment and recordkeeping.

Affordable Design and hosting fees to get your CU on the web:

  • One time website design fee: $200.00
  • Monthly hosting fee on $10.00
  • Subsequent changes and revisions at your request $60.00 per hour

If you would like your own domain name, for example,, as opposed to a hosted site, i.e., we can take care of the registration and domain selection for an additional $50.00 unique DNS fee and a $25.00 monthly hosting fee.

In today's financial services marketplace, establishing a website presence for your credit union is a must. Now, it doesn't have to be difficult, expensive or time consuming. For more info, please contact David Savoie at (800) 421-7030 or by e-mail at


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